News Releases

A lot of people write news releases, but not everyone understands them like we do. That’s because we all used to be journalists. Yep, every single one of our Account Managers has done time behind the news desk.

They say you don’t know a product until you’ve used it – well, we know news releases because we’ve all used them. All of us have put stories from a press release on the front page, and all of us have thrown news releases in the bin. So we know when we’ve written a news release journalists will use.

We’re so serious about upholding our reputation as an agency journalists love to get news releases from, we won’t send one out until we’re confident we’ve found a great story.

We’re like a school of masochistic fishes – determined to find the hook.

Our news releases are targeted, they meet publication deadlines and they reach the people that need to see them – they don’t end up next to someone’s lunch wrapper in the bottom of a bin.

Well, maybe a recycling bin after they’ve been on the front page!