Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring – You can read all the newspapers and subscribe to all the magazines but you might still miss what people are saying about you in the fastest-growing arena of all – online social media.

If your customers tweet something complimentary about you on Twitter it’s always nice to know, and maybe tweet a reply. And likewise, if someone posts a complaint on Facebook or does a hatchet job on your business in a well read blog post, you need to know what’s being said about you and take steps to minimise the damage.

That’s why social media monitoring is such an important part of reputation management these days. And it’s virtually impossible to monitor online social media yourself without a helping hand from the professionals.

We use the leading monitoring agency Meltwater to keep track of what’s being said about our clients online . We keep a close eye on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and we monitor more than 300 million blogs, using keywords tailored to our clients to make sure we don’t miss a single mention.

Next time someone mentions your name on social media, make sure you hear what they‘re saying.